Close-up detail of Resting Buddha statue in Natural Wood


Buddha Statues

The calming presence of a wood Buddha statue will add an air of peaceful tranquility to your home. Gesturing with subtle, but profound hand gestures (Mudras), our Buddha statuess inspire and enhance the beauty of life.

Future Buddhas

A symbol of health, happiness, prosperity and longevity, widely used in Feng Shui to attract more joy into the premises. Tradition says his last birth was a thousand years ago as this happy Chinese monk. In the future he will in fact be the Future Buddha – The Buddha To Be. Our charming statues are the balance of both – the Buddha for your today.

Laughing Buddhas

Bring joy to your home with a carved wood Laughing Buddha. Known as Hotei in Japanese & Budai in Chinese, legend says that his presence will bring Good Luck. Also known as the Happy Buddha, he is a popular symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Cool and Calm Sculpture at Three Cranes Gallery
Add an air of peaceful tranquility to your home with the calming presence of a Buddha sculpture, each one beautifully hand carved for us in Bali.