Our Products

Our Products

  • – Are as Green as possible – created with reverence and respect for the Earth and her resources
  • – Are created by artisans world-wide, that work directly and exclusively for Three Cranes Gallery
  • – Are created, imported and sold by us = the finest handcrafted products, for approachable prices

About Tie-Dye 2.0 Heading

Our Tie-Dye 2.0 is a unique method of tie-dying, because the background fabric is always colored, not white like 60’s type tie-dye. The resulting look is rich, vibrant and uniquely beautiful. Tie-Dye 2.0 requires a high degree of skill and resources and there are only a few artists world-wide still practicing the difficult craft. All of our Tie-Dye 2.0 clothing and accessories are crafted by our own artisans in Thailand, using high tread count fabrics and the most expensive Swiss dyes available, to bring you apparel that is amazingly soft, durable and cool. Tie-Dye 2.0 is tie-dye, upgraded to the next level.

About Wool Heading

All of our wool goods are exclusively hand knit in Nepal by our own team of gifted, dedicated artisans. We use only superior quality New Zealand wool, which is grown following sustainable land use and animal friendly practices. We then dye the wool with the finest Swiss made dyes for rich lasting color and ease of care. For extra warmth and comfort, all of our wools are lined with color coordinated polar fleece to wick away moisture, and finished with color matched American made accessories. From our simple scarves to our amazing Wool Winter Hoodies, that require 60 to 80 hours to knit – all of our snow and rain proof wools, are crafted with love.

About Wood Heading

All of our wood sculptures are crafted from fast growing sustainable hardwoods. The wood used in most of our carvings is Rain Tree Wood ( known as Suar in Bali ), a sub-species of Mahogany. It is highly prized for its beautiful, straight, interlocking grain, which keeps the wood from cracking when moved to drier climates. To assure even greater strength and resilience, we take an extra step and age our wood for 3 extra years. All of our wood sculptures are hand carved, often by a different artisan, so sizes and features may vary slightly.